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S. R. - On November 2004 I already have been visiting the CRISTOVÃO BRILHO INSTITUTE, frequently going through the DR. FYEER treatment. On 04/03/2005, I was knocked over by a car, received many scratches, had a compound fracture of the epicondyle (elbow) in the joint and a small articular hemorrhage in my left arm (proved by x-rays and tomography) with a large and deep wound. It was not possible to have an operation immediately to avoid contamination. Before I going to see the best surgeon of trauma-orthopedics in town (Dr. Rui Portugal), I had an appointment with two other doctors with the same high reputation who confirmed that if I did not have an operation, my arm would be disabled. While I was waiting to heal the necrosis, the day of the spiritual operation with Dr. Fyeer has arrived, 04/25. When I got there, I was attended with priority and feeling different. I left with a great hope in my heart. The time given by the surgeon has ended and I returned to the clinic for a new evaluation new x-rays were taken which were a great surprise for everybody: the perfect reconstitution of the elbow bones, with the surgeon only sending me to the physiotherapy. Today, after nine months, my arm is perfect and I continue to have spiritual surgeries with Dr. Fyeer who I thank every day for the opportunity to have known and still knowing the Cristovão Brilho Institute. Today, I am enjoying another happy stage at the Institute. I have started my Acceleration of Energy Therapy and I hope I deserve to reach my highest level of balance in the universe.

E.M.F.O. - I had thrombosis on the left side of my body two times. It hurt a lot and left a thick vessel under my skin. I went to an angiologist that I already did, in 1995, a varicose veins surgery. He recommended me a doctor who could do a Doppler exam and diagnose the cause. The doctors were very surprised with the place where the thrombosis occurred. They prescribed me an ointment and heat treatment using a compress. The vessel and the pain decrease but not completely. After three months I did the medical exams again. I had an appointment with a cardiologist and a hematologist. The examinations requested had a negative result and they could not diagnose the cause. I began the spiritual surgery with Dr. Fyeer and after three weeks, the vessel and the pain disappeared. It has been six months and I never had any problem again. I believe that I am healed and I am grateful to DR. Fyeer and all his Spiritual team.

E.B.B. -
On November 13, 2004 I was very worried about the health of my mother because her heart beating was very accelerated, which harmed the circulation in her legs, specially the left one. My neighbor, who already knew about the Dr. Fyeer’s work, told to me about him, and how her son had been healed from a breathing problem I immediately decided to believe. As my mother could not move around, I used my body in the Dr. Fyeer’s Spiritual Surgery as it was her body. the result was a blessing. As soon I started to drink water, I noticed that the healing was happening. And the case was given as a lost case by the doctors. My mother's heart and legs circulation began to stabilize. The treatment with the doctors here on Earth goes on, but with the help from Dr. Fyeer.

M.A.B.P. - My testimonial is about a myoma. I had a great pain and bleeding. I went to the doctor and had an ultrasonic examination. The myoma was discovered. I had the spiritual operation of Dr. Fyeer and, after a month, I had the ultrasonic examination again. The doctor who did the examination asked me if I had an recent operation because I used to have a myoma that was in the previous examination and now I only had a scar. I was speechless.

I.B.S.T. - I had an appointment with a cardiologist who told me that I had a blocked vein and I should have surgery to put a new valve. Otherwise I would have just a short period of life. I went in a Dr. Fyeer attending. I started the treatment and now I am healed.

E. R. - About my treatment with Dr. Fyeer, I would like to say that I am extremely satisfied with my great improvement, which was varicose veins condition. They were very painful and swollen. I have the result of the "duplex cam" examinations done in the city hospital which the specialized doctor said that, at my age, it would not be advisable to have an operation, as I would be running a great risk. Thank God, our Father, and the medical team of Dr. Fyeer for having cured me.

D. C. N. - - I did a surgery to remove a nodule. After the surgery, the doctor told me that he could not claim if the nodule was removed with success. So I started to do a Spiritual Surgery with the DR. Fyeer. After four months, I had the required exams and it was verified that everything was normal, thank God and the Spiritual Team of DR. Fyeer. I am grateful to Dr. Fyeer, because he was able to help me through Cristovão Brilho. May God bless them.

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