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Optia Stellar System

"Dr. Fyeer" (illustration beside), a being never incarnated on Earth, is responsible for developing studies, research and technologies, in the area of vibrational medicine and adapting them to human beings.

He has a team of 4,000 spiritual doctors that help him in his mission. The goal of "Dr. Fyeer's" work can be summed up as applying new healing technologies to human beings. He is bringing to our planet a concept of physical/emotional/mental/spiritual healing already in existence in other dimensions.

Optia Symbol

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The Spiritual beings who guide all the work of the medium Cristovão Brilho belong to a galactic system called Optia. This system is located 195 billion light years from Earth and is composed of five planets and a star.The spiritual being responsible for all the Optia System is called "Turian".

Most human beings have opted to use free will, given to them by God, to the detriment of the universal language of feelings, choosing the path of rational supremacy over intuitive wisdom, science over religiosity, competitiveness over unity and exploiting natural resources rather than conserving them. As a result, individuals have identified themselves with their reason and not with their whole being.

The consequence of this can be seen in the news such as: the crisis in the public health system, unemployment, the pollution, growing violence, the appearance of new illnesses, suicide, depression, etc. All these existential calamities afflicting humanity show the need for an internal change in mankind.

The work of "Dr. Fyeer" is focused on internally transforming human beings creating a new paradigm for re-establishing a better quality of life for humanity and the planet which shelters them.

"Only faith will lead to changes in the thought, perceptions and values of society".


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