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Cristovão Brilho

Cristovão Brilho, a well succeeded Brazilian lawyer, left a big company Chairman career to dedicate full time to his spiritual pathway.

The American magazine "National Examiner", in its July 2003 issue, considered Cristovão Brilho one of the four greatest paranormals in the world. Read more
The Paranormal is recognized in all of Brazil and abroad by help, since his youth, all those who seek improvement for their health.
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All the Cristovão Brilho’s work is done by using crystals and guided by cosmic beings from other dimensions that bring the knowledge and the use of new healing technologies for human beings. Read more >>>
Cristovão Brilho channels Dr Fyeer, a spiritual doctor, (subtle manifestation from a system called Optia), and he uses crystal and his hands to perform spiritual surgeries without any cutting, bleeding or aggression to the physical body.
Cristovão Brilho is a paranormal and metaphysician and his work is essentially spiritual with the intention to bring physical and emotional balance, spiritual protection, as well as helping its material realization to attract the abundance and prosperity. Cristovão respects the conventional medicine and feels that both, spiritual and conventional medicine can work together to better contribute to humanity, and his work is not connected to any Sect, religion or political party.
Every month thousands of people are treated in Rio de Janeiro, Jundiaí-SP, São Paulo (Capital) and Miami (USA) which it is possible to raise tons of food and clothes as donations to lacking institutions, for example the "Casa da Sopa", the "Casa de Ramana" and the “Voluntariado do Hospital Pedro Ernesto” in Rio de Janeiro. Read more

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