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Cristovão Brilho Institute

2811 Coral Way,
Miami, Fl., 33145.
786 295 8665

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All the Cristovão Brilho’s work is done by using crystals and guided by cosmic beings from other dimensions that bring the knowledge and the use of new healing technologies for human beings..
Spiritual Surgeries 
Any kind of illness or disease can be treated through the DR. FYEER’S SPIRITUAL SURGERY, as well at distance.

Dr. Fyeer
Through the paranormal Cristovão Brilho, the spiritual DR. FYEER (subtle manifestation from the Optia Stellar System) makes, in the field of physical healing, spiritual non-invasive surgeries with no cuts or bleedings, using quartz crystals as surgery tools.

DR. FYEER is a spiritual being that has never incarnated on Earth that comes from Optia System. The quartz crystal makes a link between the DR. FYEER’s energy and the energy within in every single one of us. All of this work is done like a conventional surgery, with incision, suturing, sterilization and all the usual surgery procedures. However those procedures will be done on your "Spiritual Body". That is why it is not necessary to have cuts or bleeding in your physical body.
Acceleration of Energy Therapy
A highly demanded treatment that can be very profound and life changing since it has the capability of helping you with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, as well as with your personal goals.

Programmed crystals are used in this therapy
This therapy is done in individual private sessions, dealing with the person as a whole being and it is based on Cristovão identifying your personal symbols from your unconscious.

These symbols are drawn on your body creating a great power to find, in Cosmos, your own goals realization.

All of this work is stimulated and guided by the Paranormal Cristovão Brilho and his spiritual mentors. This therapy is very wide, deep and with a great range that can be used to fight any kind of disease like stress, panic syndrome, cancer, depression, among other things. This treatment can be done either in person or at distance.

Protective Residence and Bussiness Circuit
In this circuit Cristovão Brilho identifies and evaluates existing negative energies in either a business or a residence.

After this evaluation Cristovão then individually and specifically programs crystal points to be strategically placed in the home or business with the intention of cleansing the existing energy and to protect against future negative energies attacking the location.

You will have a clean, balanced environment for one year and with energy which will support you in reaching your goals, such as:
reduction of illnesses, increased productivity, protection from electro-electronic magnetic pollution, etc

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